Types of Skills Essential in an Organizational Setting

There are a number of skills that are required for both the management and the employees to operate productively in a work setting. Some of these skills include time management skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills and leadership skills. The higher management has a responsibility of paying attention to these skills and improving them and at the same time ensuring that their employees possess the required skills needed for company growth. Below shows some of the basic skills needed in the workplace and why they are important.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are essential for both the management and employees to work in a harmonious work setting. Research has shown that there is a direct link between teamwork and better employee performance. Therefore, for employees to work as a team, interpersonal and communication skills are vital. Similar to employees, the management should also possess these skills in order to communicate effectively and listen to the needs of their employees.

Leadership Skills

Leaders are the ones who guide the company towards their goals. Therefore, you need to make sure that the leaders in the work setting have the sufficient amount of skills required for them to efficiently guide their employees. One way to develop leadership skills is to learn from other leaders. For example, employees who are newly appointed to higher positions such as managers should receive the opportunity to observe and communicate with other leaders who they identify as role models. Management training programs can be organized in order to teach managers the qualities of a good leader and how to effectively manage other employees.

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Problem Solving Skills

Problems are an essential part of the growth of a company. Without problems, a company would lack the skills required to overcome challenges and barriers. Problem solving skills are something that both the management and employees should have when dealing with various situations. Employees should be trained and taught the importance of critical thinking and analysis when dealing with problems. This is an important aspect of problem solving skills. They should also be provided with various challenges which give the management the opportunity to observe how well they can utilize these skills to overcome them.

Decision Making Skills

Making the right decision at the right situation can benefit your company in many ways. Therefore, each worker should possess sufficient decision making skills that are essential in various situations. Some companies fail due to the lack of proper decision making abilities by the higher management. Therefore, these skills should be considered essential in an organizational setting.


Empathy is understanding someone else from their perspective. Similar to how empathy is important in a personal setting, it is also essential in a work setting. Empathy should be practiced by all employees when interacting with other workers and also when dealing with customers. This can have an overall impact on customer satisfaction.

Therefore, the above skills are essential when working in an organization setting for both personal growth and the growth of the company.

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