Best Ways to Promote a Product In 2019

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It’s truly the best of times, and the worst of times for product promotion. The times are great because there’s a big swath of online tools to promote what you need. Then again, the same tech also enables competitors to flood social media posts with their branding messages. To make the best out of the modern marketing landscape, use the tips below to promote your product in the coming months:

Hire a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are immensely popular among niche audiences on platforms like Instagram. The best way to plug a product to a target audience is to get a social media influencer for that audience to promote your product.

Social media influencers mention products or brand names in their Facebook or Instagram posts with thousands of followers. Your product may get exposed to a vast majority of the target audience via an influencer.

The trick here is to hire the right social media influencer. There are many online now. But you should do your own research and find out who is popular and respected within the target audience of your choice.

Make a Video

Online videos get a lot of shares and likes these days compared to almost any other type of content. Product promotion is all about getting as many eyeballs as possible on your product. There’s nothing better than video to get potential customers interested in your product. Videos are highly shareable and are more likely to go viral.

A solid video production company can help your brand create moving picture content that drives customer engagement. Professional videos can grab attention and let your product shine for the target audience. Likewise, a newbie brand can benefit a lot by focusing on videos instead of, say, writing white papers.

Grab News Coverage

In 2019, the primary concern for consumers is the legitimacy of the information they receive online. There’s so much sponsored content online, but no one is sure how trustworthy the information they provide is. If you want the target audience to trust your brand and ultimately consider a purchase, aim for actual news coverage.

It will elevate your product to possibly a national platform. Even a local newspaper can cover your product independently and give it much needed exposure to the target audience.  News coverage is highly legitimate and indicates that your product has “made it.” Therefore, the newspapers are an invaluable marketing channel promoters often fail to see.

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Offer a Solution to a Problem

All products must have a sales pitch. The best sales pitches offer consumers solutions, rather than a set of features. Build a story around your product that you can showcase in a video or a social media post. Introduce the problem gently, and present your product as the saviour that would deliver the consumers from a particular problem.

Create a Free Giveaway

A free giveaway of a product is bound to grab a target audience’s attention. Therefore, offer your product for free initially to get consumers interested. Free giveaways get a lot of shares, essentially creating a word-of-mouth campaign for your product.

Product promotion in contemporary times won’t occur overnight. You must cultivate your strategy and use the above suggestions get a marketing attempt off the ground.

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