Why Digital Education May Be Better Than Traditional Education

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that digital learning is here to stay. Unless of course some dramatically apocalyptic event like those depicted in the movies results in the end of technology as we know it. But as far as that is concerned the end of technology is very unlikely indeed. So why and how exactly is digital education better than the traditional style of education that is favoured by most:


Digital education is a whole lot cheaper than traditional education. Why? because it usually removes the need for any printed books or test papers. Making online education a more eco-friendly option as well, since no trees need to be cut down in order to produce books and papers. EBooks are readily available but it usually takes a while for people to get used to. Young students especially might find eBooks just a little bit difficult to use. Still, the cost is definitely less when digital education is used.

Learning Patterns

One great thing about digital learning is that it can be used to analyse student learning patterns and student progress. Whereas traditional education and learning do not allow for such close monitoring of the student’s educational activities. Even the amount of time a student spends reading a particular chapter or answering questions can be known thanks to technology.


Students interact slightly less with the teacher whilst interacting more with their school work. Students using a digital platform tend to keep better track of their homework when compared to students in a traditional classroom. Also with videos and other such fun elements, students automatically feel more interested and will even interact more.


Students do not have to get panicked if they have missed an important class if they are sick or have a family emergency. Now they can simply listen to the classroom session from the comfort of their home. Digital learning allows students to catch up on missed classes by listening to the recordings of the lesson they were not present for. There is a lot of flexibility with online learning which makes school education much more accommodating to a variety of people.

Better Experience

Overall, students have a better experience at digital schools than they do at traditional schools, for all the reasons stated above and more. One great aspect of online education and something they keep advertising is the Digital Schools marketing strategy for schools. Parents these days want to send their children to a digital school environment because it has proven to be more conducive to their learning.

There you have it, all the reasons that digital learning is better than outdated traditional learning. It is not that traditional education is bad or completely useless, but it does have its failings, and these failings can definitely be overcome with the adequate use of technology in the classroom. That being said, technology may also distract students and cause other unwanted problems. So be wise about what kind of school you choose to enroll your child in.

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