What to Know When Applying for Permanent Residence Visa in Australia

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There are so many different Migrant Visas that are available which you can apply to work and live in the country. Some of the categories of migrant visas are family based permanent residency, former resident visas, global talent visas and retirement visas. You need to look at which path suits your eligibility criteria.

There are also different subclasses that you can look at such as 188 provisional residence, 888d visa Australia and 132 for permanent residence.You may be eligible to migrate to the country if you have a family member who is an Australian citizen or is a permanent resident. This category can be used by those who have children, partners, fianc├ęs and dependant relatives in Australia. You can also gain permanent residency by using a worker category. Some are selected based on skill and you can look for skills that the country is in need of in the current climate. You can also apply for general skilled migration that has a certain skill that is held to a degree of value and respect by the country. If you have an Australian employer, they can sponsor you to work within the country. Whenever there is a requirement in the country, doctors and nurses from foreign countries are offered permanent residency.

If you are from New Zealand, you will be able to live and work in Australia permanently without possessing a resident visa. This is because there is a temporary visa type that is available for New Zealanders; however, you will not have the same rights that an Australian citizen will have. Some of the activities that you will not be allowed to do is voting and applying for student loans. But you can also start your application and proceed to obtain permanent residency. In addition to the above methods, you can apply for a former resident visa if you fall under that category. There is also retirement visa that is allowed for eligible retirees. If you are someone who has lived in the country for a long time and have contributed to the country, you can pursue this path.

If you are a person who has outstanding achievements that are recognized at an international level, you can apply for global talent visa. Then there is refugee and humanitarian visas that you can apply for depending on the situation you are living within your home country. First, you need to see whether you are eligible for the requirements that are set in visa application. There are different agencies that will help you in putting together information for the application and all other supportive tasks. This is a process that will take quite a lot of time so you need to know the requirements accurately. Once you know the category you are eligible for, you can apply for migrant visa in Australia. There will be additional documents you will be required to submit along with a fee for the application. There is a waiting time of several weeks when it comes to the decision regarding your application. Depending on the waiting list, it can take months as well.

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