Tips for Preventing Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are caused by HPV or human papillomavirus. It leads to small rough growth on the soles of feet. These are typically harmless but they can cause inconvenience and discomfort when you are walking or standing for a long time. But there are proactive ways to reduce the risk of developing them.

If you are wondering how can i get plantar warts removed?, you can visit a podiatrist and they will offer a number of treatments such as cryotherapy,  swift therapy, application of silver nitrate or salicylic acid. They will also advise you on how plantar warts can be prevented. You need to maintain good foot hygiene so that many foot infections can be prevented. You have to wash your feet daily with gentle soap and water. Make sure you pay attention to the skin between the toes and the soles. You have to dry your feet thoroughly after washing as moisture will create an ideal environment for the HPV virus to thrive. You need to use a clean towel so that your entire foot and spaces between the toes are completely dry. It is also important to wear proper footwear. You need to look for shoes that provide adequate cushioning and support. This is essential especially if you spend many hours on your feet.

You should not share shoes

Or socks with others as it can lead to the spread of HPV virus. The socks you wear should be of breathable materials like cotton or moisture wicking fabrics so that your feet can be dry. When you go to public areas such as gym locker rooms, swimming pools and communal showers, there is a high risk of being exposed to HPV virus. To minimise this risk, you need to wear water shoes or flip-flops. You should not walk barefoot on contaminated or damp surfaces as it will increase your chances of coming into contact with the virus. You need to have proper foot protection practices so that your risk of contracting plantar warts is reduced. Plantar warts is also contagious so it can spread through direct contact with infected surfaces and skin.

You should not touch or scratch warts

As it will transfer the virus to other parts of your body or even to other people. To prevent this from happening, you can use an adhesive tape or bandage over it so that direct contact with surrounding skin is avoided. You should not share personal items such as towels, socks or shoes with people that have plantar warts. Intact skin will be a barrier against infections such as plantar warts. You need to stop picking at rough patches of the feet or calluses as this will create openings for the HPV virus to enter. You can use moisturising lotions or creams so that your feet can be kept soft and supple. This will prevent the development of fissures or cracks. You have to inspect your feet often so that you will know whether there is any infection or injury.

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