Products that Can Help You Control Tobacco Cravings

Quitting smoking means you have to control your tobacco or nicotine cravings. However, this cannot be done overnight. This is why there are certain products that you can consume or use to help you with quitting and withdrawal. Take a look at the following list to see what some of the alternatives for smoking are.


Nicotine patches are one of the best products that are out there for heavy smokers who are planning to quit. These patches deliver a small, steady dose of nicotine through your skin. Over the weeks you can reduce the dosage of nicotine by lowering the dosage of patches. This will give you a gradual withdrawal instead of an overnight end to the cravings. With patches, nicotine takes time to leave the body instead of immediate withdrawal; usually around eight to twelve weeks.


Nicotine gum comes in different flavours. When used correctly, it becomes effective within five to ten minutes. Gum is ideal for those who are so used to the oral habit of smoking and therefore find it hard to break. Similar to patches, you can start from a higher dosage and move on to gradually reducing the intake.


Similar to gum, lozenges take around five to ten minutes to start taking effect. They are used by placing them under the tongue. Lozenges are another product for those who need to keep your mouth busy. So instead of smoking to satisfy this need, you can use a lozenge. However, both lozenges and gums can cause nausea and hiccups.

Nasal Sprays

These are easy to use and are very similar to the sprays you get for allergies. Let the spray sit in our nostril instead of inhaling it into the nasal cavity. This will send a quick dose of nicotine to the bloodstream. Like patches, they are also recommended by doctors for heavy smokers. Sprays also help to reduce the symptoms that appear with withdrawal. This may include side effects such as nasal irritation and runny nose.


Inhalers work in method that is similar to smoking. When you take a puff off it, it releases nicotine into the body. However, just like the nasal sprays, this is not for inhaling. You take in small doses through your mouth. In appearance too they look like a cigarette and contain a nicotine cartridge. However, unlike smoking it is only absorbed into your bloodstream and not into the lungs. Inhalers might cause some throat irritation at first.


Cannabidiol or CBD are considered to be a new way of quitting smoking. CBD cigarettes or hemp cigarettes are filled with hemp instead of tobacco. Hemp cannabis is not rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the causative behind intoxication. They feel like a regular cigarette but are free of nicotine. CBD is known for its ability to lessen addiction too.

So if you are trying to quit but find it hard to do it immediately, there are alternatives available for you. Remember that quitting may be a slow process but it does not mean you should give up!

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