Different Types of Portable Toilet for Hire

Portable toilets are commonly used in events especially ones that are held outdoors without nearby restrooms for the guests. As a good event host, you need to cater to all the needs of your guests during the event – from food to hygiene.

Instead of building a regular toilet which would cost much and even take a lot of time to finish, hiring portable toilets are the easiest and most convenient way to provide restrooms in the event venue.

The number of units you need actually depends on the guest count you’re expecting. Aside from that, you also need to consider what type of unit is best suited for your guests. Is it fine to hire regular units or do you need specialized ones like a handicapped-accessible one? To help you know which units you’ll need, here are the common types of portable toilet for hire.


A standard portable toilet is the most common option. This is probably the unit type that pops into mind when talking about portable toilets. This unit is commonly used on almost any kind of event especially if you need several units for a lot of guests. You could even hire an entire toilet block online if you need plenty of units especially for music festivals and concerts.


A handicapped-accessible portable toilet is suitable for people who have a difficulty in using standard toilet units. It is more spacious inside, giving the person more room to move around especially those who are using a wheelchair. It also has wider doors and have plenty of places to hold into for support while using the toilet. It is important to have at least one of this type in your event in case you have a guest who needs it. However, you’ll need more of this units if you’re expecting more elderly or handicapped guests.

Toilet with Changing Station

If you’re expecting guests to bring their babies into the event, you’ll need to provide them with a place where they could conveniently clean and change their baby when needed. A portable toilet with diaper changing station is definitely a family-friendly design since it caters to both the adult and baby in one unit. The parents and caregivers in your event would definitely appreciate it when you have this kind of portable toilet.

Toilet with Sink

If you want a portable toilet with more features that would help your guests keep themselves clean, a portable toilet with sink is a great option. Since the pandemic, hand washing has become an essential part of keeping safe from the virus, making this toilet type really timely. Aside from the toilet bowl, the guests will find a sink, soap dispenser, and paper towels inside to keep their hands clean.


If you’re hosting a more special event such as weddings, you’ll need to level up the portable toilet as well. Opt for flushable portable toilets instead of the standard one to suit the atmosphere of the event.

If you’re planning to hire portable toilets, be sure to get the right ones that suit your event with the help of this guide.

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