Creating Awesome Videos: The Must Dos

Using videos in your marketing is one of the best things you would be doing in terms of effective branding and business progress. Today, you see almost everyone putting up their promotional videos in every online platform there is. Nevertheless, not all of them make an impression on an audience. Here are a couple of things you should focus on to create videos that captures attention.

Be Creative

Creativity is everything in the marketing world. No matter how effective videos can be as a media itself, the level of effectiveness completely depends on your creativity. There is loads of competition out there when it comes to businesses, small or big. A creative mind and creative work is more or less, the biggest tool against tough competition! Therefore, always aim at creating media that is extraordinary, impressive, and that would make people pause as they scroll down their feed.

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Be Precise

One of the most common mistakes people make, unfortunately, even in their super-creative videos is that they aren’t well focussed on the subject that they are trying to talk about. Precision is important, because, as mentioned, viewers are continuously scrolling and browsing in a hurry, and you need to put something up that gets your message or idea across precisely and strait forwardly. Try your best not to beat around the bush, and get to the point straight away!

Good Presentation

You need to have your video organized well. Just because you’ve got creativity and resources, there is no complete guarantee that you ‘ll end up creating something awesome if your stuff isn’t organized, and there is no flow in a video or presentation people are watching. If you take Facebook live for instance, many opt for Facebook live with multiple presenters which sometimes become required to make the presentation look more organized, clear, and most of all, fun!

Video Length

Another factor that you need to be super careful about is your choice of length for a video or live stream that you will present to your audience/viewers. A video that’s too long can make people bored, while one that’s too short can have insufficient information. It all depends on your subject and what your message is, as well as your goal. Nevertheless, do pay attention to video length!


Keep in mind the target audience. This in fact, is a general rule that applies to media presentation, irrespective of the type. By keeping in mind your audience, you include content, language, and communication that is appropriate. Not being appropriate can certainly be a turn off, and that’s definitely not what you want!

Choose Your Details

This could mean many things. It isn’t just the type of details that you would choose carefully, but also the amount of detail in your video. It takes skill to decide what details to avoid, and what’s most appropriate to use in a message connected to the subject you are focussing on. From backgrounds to presenters, sound, visuals, and everything else, you need to be sure you pick just the right details in the right quantities to create a spectacular piece of work.

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