Common Repairs for Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are instrumental to modern industrial processes in transporting materials and goods. With time, these systems are subjected to wear and tear which requires regular maintenance and repairs.

Look for companies that specialise in conveyor system install and maintenance in your industry. They will have specific expertise regarding these systems and will be able to offer tailored solutions. One of the common issues you will experience with conveyor systems is belt replacement. The conveyor belts are used to move materials from one place to another and with time, these belts will be subjected to damage, wear and tear. Also, damage can be caused by overloading, not carrying out proper maintenance and moving abrasive materials. You need to inspect the belts regularly and be proactive when it comes to replacing damaged or worn belts. This will help you prevent unexpected breakdowns and minimise downtime. The idler is what supports the conveyor belt and guides it along the path. When the idlers are damaged or misaligned, this will affect the functionality of the conveyor system. You need to check the alignment of the idlers often and replace any that show signs of wear. This will extend the lifespan of the conveyor system.

The movement of goods along the conveyor system is facilitated by conveyor rollers.

These can become damaged, seized or misaligned with time. You need to carry out routine maintenance to lubricate the rollers and inspect them to check whether they are rotating freely. If the rollers are damaged or worn, they should be replaced immediately so that the material flow is not disrupted. If you ignore issues with rollers, this can increase friction in the system and put a lot of stress on the motor. This can also lead to damage to the conveyor belt. To ensure the smooth operation of conveyor systems, you need to have proper belt tracking. If the belts are misaligned, there will be excessive wear on the edges and it can also lead to damage of the conveyor frame. Issues such as these can increase the risk of material spilling out of the conveyor system so you need to have regular tracking adjustments to ensure the conveyor belt is centred on the rollers. Improper installation of the system, changes in load and tension in the belt can lead to tracking issues so you will need to carry out regular inspections to prevent this.

There can be a lot of debris accumulating on the conveyor belt or within the system.

This can contribute to many operational issues. When there is spilled product, dirt and dust on the belt, it can affect the movement of the belt and lead to misalignments. Premature wear of the belt can occur due to this so you need to regularly clean it and remove any debris on it. There are cleaning mechanisms that are incorporated into conveyor systems such as brushes or scrapers which can help prevent these issues. You can ensure that the flow of materials remain uninterrupted as a result of this.

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