Choosing Between Public and Private Schools

When your child reaches a certain age, you will need to choose between public and private schools. There is no clear winner in this comparison; there are pros and cons to both options. You have to think about your child’s needs and personality to get an idea of whether they will do better in a public or private school environment.

There is a cost involved when it comes to private schools but you can always look for schools that offer financial aid if this is your biggest hurdle when selecting a school. You can also choose a more faith-based education for your child with certain private schools Logan. You will need to look at what your educational philosophy is as well when selecting a school. There are always statistics that you can refer to when comparing the two camps but in the end, it all boils down to the type of schooling you want for your child and the type of environment that will best allow them to thrive. You have to think about the differences between the two types. One key difference is the class size. In public schools you have a larger class size when compared to private schools. And the student to teacher ratio is better in a private school. When there are fewer students in a class, the teacher is able to provide attention to all the students and make sure that they are all keeping up. The teachers can also identify different talents and skills of the students and nurture these talents.

Then there is the cost of education to think about. It is a known fact that private schools are more expensive than public schools. But there are also financial aid programmes that you can look into. There are schools that offer free scholarships as well. You will need to research a bit to get an idea of the more affordable private schools if this is your pick. When it comes to the diversity of the students in school, there is a higher diversity in public schools. This can provide them with an experience of what it is to live in the society. And it can give them a starting point in becoming accustomed to the world outside. Your child will attend the school with neighbours and those that live in the vicinity creating a community. But there can be difficulties that come with this. In a private school there is the possibility of a more positive student environment because there is a screening process that private schools conduct. When it comes to public schools, most of them are not allowed to pick and choose students.

The course programmes offered by the schools can also differ. If there is a certain speciality that your child wants to study, then a private school might be able to provide better facilities. For example, your child may want to study theatre, music, art or they may even be interested in a particular sport. There are private schools that lean in certain directions and most will have a speciality that they are known for. When it comes to public schools, these specialities are not given a lot of attention as the focus is given to the core classes. They are also operating under limited funds which can limit the facilities they can provide. There are more extracurricular activities that are provided by private schools. But this is not true for all public schools and this is why researching each school’s offerings is very important.

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