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As search engine optimization (SEO) becomes more important in the corporate world, the industry has seen a massive influx of new SEO companies ready and eager to take your business. All of them will offer the best service with the biggest growth, but to find the best SEO companies in Australia, you have to look past the smoke and mirrors of their advertising.


Firstly, you need to know your own wants and needs – like a need to boost your organic traffic. Then, look for the desirable traits that you want in an SEO company – a large presence in the industry, a strong skillset or even lots of experience.


This post has considered what it takes to be the best SEO company in Australia, and created an unbiased list outlining the cream of the SEO crop.


5 –

This SEO company has been around since 2007, and in that time they have cemented themselves as one of the more cutting edge outfits in Australia. With a great track record, an impressive flair for online design and bags of experience, is definitely one of the best SEO service providers out there.


4 – Dornan Digital

When it comes to outright experience, independent firm Dornan Digital takes the cake. With 18 years spent in and around IT and SEO consultancy, they are more than equipped to provide stellar services that will consistently boost your online presence and success.


3 – Newpath WEB

With a focus on customer service as a full service digital agency, Newpath WEB are very modestly priced considering their success. This approach does not hamper their growth, however, as they have some big names in their portfolio. Coca Cola and McDonald’s have teamed up with Newpath WEB to great success.


2 – Foxtail Marketing

Foxtail have made some serious waves in the past few years with their marketing, with features in Forbes and Entrepreneur. Their highly stylized, creative approach to content is one of the best around when it comes to boosting revenue for your brand.


1 – WME

Word of mouth is a huge factor when it comes to reputation, and WME group’s reputation is unparallelled in Australia. With thousands of satisfied clients in their portfolio, and features in publications such as Business Insider and Sky News, WME are the biggest and best in Australian SEO.


No other SEO company comes close to the level of exposure and visibility that WME Group can provide their clients. With such a comprehensive network in place, it would be hard for any other firm to knock WME Group off the top spot.

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